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Horror - Zombie Strippers

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Zombie Strippers - Unrated
Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund, Roxy Saint
Written and directed by Jay Lee
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
94 minutes

The two things guys really want to see in a movie are strippers and zombies. This pretty much explains the Zombie Strippers DVD. This horror comedy is excellent and stars well-known sexspian uh thespian Jenna Jameson of “those movies” fame. The movie features breasts, boobies, gazongas, tatas, jugs, happy pillows, melons, hooters, the boys, and the 129 other words for them.

This horror DVD immediately scares the $h!t out of the viewer with “George W Bush has won his fourth consecutive term as President”.  Then, a zombie virus gets loose in a stripper’s club and is especially strong in women with large breasts. The zombie strippers want nothing else than to strip, keep their tops off, and sometimes give a private performance for a customer. They also fight each other in some of the movie’s best and most original scenes, a few of which will never, ever be topped.

If you judge a zombie movie by how soon the zombies show up, it is at the 2 minute mark in Zombie Strippers which means excellent! There is little plot aside for excuses for creating zombies, zombies stripping, and killing zombies which means really excellent!

This horror movie is really funny on purpose. There are a lot of very comic lines and references that make this movie really fun to watch.  It also pokes a lot of fun at how men behave. The Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! scene is a hoot-ers

Zombie Strippers is an excellent low-budget horror movie and if you are disappointed after watching it it’s only because you didn’t pay attention to the damn title: Zombie Strippers!

If you want to have fun the second or third time you watch the Zombie Strippers! DVD check out the ticker tape at the top of the foxcast that opens the movie.

Extra features on the Zombie Strippers DVD include a hell of a lot of deleted scenes, a filmmaker and cast commentary, and two shorts: The Champagne Room: Behind the Scenes of Zombie Strippers and The Dressing Room: How to Glam a Zombie.

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