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Horror - True Blood - HBO Sundays 9 P.M. To Nov. 23rd

True Blood - HBO Sundays 9 P.M. To Nov. 23rd
True Blood - HBO Sundays 9 P.M.
Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley.
Based on the Charlaine Harris novels
Season 1 12 Episodes
Until November 23rd 2008

It is a little daunting to get into a series at the sixth episode or halfway mark. For the HBO series True Blood the initial effort is worth it. The premise is vampires reveal they actually do exist. Like everybody else, the people in Bon Temps, LA are still not sure about this vampire thing. True Blood is based on a series of novels by Charlaine Harris and will have a second season. The series airs Sundays at 9 on HBO

The first season of True Blood opens with some mysterious goings on and Sookie’s good-for-nothing druggie brother being involved in a murder. Waitress Sookie Stackhouse, falls in love with vampire Bill Compton. A second murder puts the people of Bon Temps even more on edge.

A really good character is Sookie’s best friend Tara. She is one tough cookie and someone Sookie can depend on. She has problems of her own because of her mother’s addiction and something else.

True Blood is an interesting series. It is not the vampire horror show some might expect and it slowly creates a lore of its very own. Paquin is excellent as Sookie Stackhouse and Sookie is a fascinating lead character. The Louisiana setting is extremely appropriate for a series like this one and the show makes full use of it.

Less impressive, much less impressive really, is the sound effect used when Sookie is hearing people’s thoughts. Also on the annoying side is the representation of Jason’s drug induced visions.

What is really a bit much is the problem Tara’s mother is facing. Somehow it doesn’t sound convincing, you care little about the character, and this whole story line is just way too much.

Each episode has a few interesting twists and turns that keep you interested and watching.

True Blood is not perfect yet, but it is very good.

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