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Horror - R.L. Stine - Goosebumps DVD - Monster Blood

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Click Pic for Goosebumps at Amazon

Goosebumps - Monster Blood
Based on the R.L. Stine books
3 episodes 1 DVD
Fox Home Video 2008
86 minutes

Goosebumps Monster Blood features the 2 part Monster Blood and two fifteen minute shows How to Kill a Monster and The Girl Who Cried Monster for a total of 86 minutes of the TV version of the R.L. Stine books for kids. We are not talking big budget production values but these Goosebumps shows are good enough to scare their intendend audience just enough if not a bit too much.

In Monster Blood young Andy is sent to stay with his creepy old aunt for a while. He is told to stay away form a particular room. Of course, he does, and he is warned again. He Andy befriends a neighborhood girl and she talks him into going into the room. There, he finds a substance called monster blood that seems to be a cross between flubber and a superball. It seems when the substance comes into contact with a living thing it grows and grows and grows.

Part two of the episode has the green goo flying commercial. The plane used in this episode is cheesier than what Air Canada uses. The way the monster is vanquished is really funny and appropriate if you’ve ever flown Air Canada

The green slime special effects for this Goosebumps episode are pretty cool and the story very interesting. Monster Blood is in fact my favorite episode in the series. It is more weird science fiction than scary stuff.

The second episode on this Goosebumps DVD is How to Kill a Monster. It is the scariest by far. Scarier than anything else in the series.

Two young kids are dropped off in the middle of Nowhere, Louisiana. The grandparents who were to receive them are not there but their creepy old house is. This is a story big on creepy music and sounds. The Louisiana music adds a great touch. There is a monster, latex costume and all.

My favorite line in this episode is, “It’s dark up there and it could be dangerous. You go first.”

The Girl Who Cried Monster is not that bad. Again, though, the monster is on the quite scary side for this series.

Kids above 10 will enjoy this R.L. Stine DVD. Parental supervision might be a really good idea for episodes 2 and 3

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