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Documentary - Raw Milk Crusader - Michael Schmidt - Newsworld 10/28/08 10 P.M.

Raw Milk Crusader - Michael Schmidt - Newsworld 10/28/08 10 P.M.
Raw Milk Crusader: Michael Schmidt
CBC Newsworld - The Lens
Tuesday, October 28, 2008 10 P.M.
1 hour

Raw Milk Crusader: Michael Schmidt is yet another excellent CBC documentary Tuesday October 28, 2008 10 P.M. The filmmakers set up the premise in the first few minutes, letting the story take center stage after that.

Michael Schmidt is a dairy farmer who sells his milk straight to people in his community who want natural, unpasteurized milk and raw milk products. This of course annoys the million dollar making Milk Marketing Board and countless government officials who go on the warpath.

As a consumer, it is hard to pick sides in this debate. We want the food we eat to be safe but we also want all-natural stuff fresh from the farm. We do not want the government to regulate us but we blame the government and ask it for financial compensation when something goes wrong.

How can we get both? Ironically, Michael Schmidt is in trouble in part because raw milk can cause listeria though the latest Ontario listeriosis scare is not associated with milk, while in Quebec, the cheese listeriosis scare has still not been connected to raw milk.

Raw Milk Crusader is a very good documentary in part because it is economical, clear, and concise. I am less impressed with the omnipresent and loud classical background music.

Fascinating is the fact lactose intolerance does not exist when you consume raw milk. This is something you learn when this CBC documentary looks at the situation in California, where raw milk is available off the shelf, and England. 

Not addressed is the issue of how growth hormone laden milk cows are so as they can produce more milk whose pasteurization does not kill the growth hormones.

The bottom line to this issue is, to quote the great comic Ron Shock “You’re Gonna Die Anyway.” andwell-produced raw milk isn't going to do it.

This excellent documentary airs October 28th 2008 at 10 P.M. on CBC Newsworld.

On Oct 20th 2008 Schmidt was found guilty of contempt of court for not refusing to stop selling raw milk. His case goes to court January 2009

If you call the CBC, I am sure they will repeat the show in the near future. They really should. Making it available to schools for a nominal fee would also be a great idea

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