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Action - The Border - Season One

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The Border Season One
James McGowan, Graham Abbey, Sofia Milos
13 Episodes 3 DVDs
Originally broadcast CBC 2008
VSC 2008

The Border is a popular Canadian action / drama series set in the post 9/11 environment. It is the story of the ICS – Immigration and Customs Security. They are in competition with CSIS, the Canadian version of the CIA, and the RCMP (sort of the FBI), and Homeland Security. The Season One 3 DVD set features 13 episodes.

The Border is definitely fast-paced, nervously so sometimes as a matter of fact. The advantage to this is the conflicts between the various agencies are immediately clear and, at the end of the first show, you know who the good guys (Agents Mike Kessler played by James McGowan and Gay Jackson played by Graham Abbey) and bad guys, the CSIS agent and the assistant to the Minister of National Security, are in terms of Canadian homeland security.

Other Season One shows also move quickly but never at the sake of story and rarely with a cutesy tie-the-loose-ends finish.

Episode 2 of The Border Season One adds a Homeland Security agent (Sofia Milos, CSI Miami) who immediately gets into a pissing contest with the ICS and is just their side of badass my way or the highway American. That, how Americans are often shown playing roughshod with Canadian sovereignty, and the fact Milos is a wooden actress, become an annoyance.

The Border features some solid secondary characters that give the show a bit more personality. My favorites are the ICS webgeek and Superintendent Norton, the tough agent who also bakes brownies.

My personal favorite on The Border Season One DVD set is episode 3 where a kid with a camera causes havoc with the ICS’ cover story about a plane crash in Quebec. It gives a back door into how government uses disinformation fake footage to cover up real footage it does not want people to believe in. The story itself is really tight and full of surprises.

Also a favorite is episode 11 (DVD 3) where Kessler’s daughter gets him into a heap of trouble.

The Border is quite the addictive show, and so is this DVD set. It is not something you want to embark on unless you have lots of time ahead.

One annoying thing about The Border Season One DVD set is it does not come with a booklet with episode summaries. If you want to go back and watch a favorite, you better remember where the *&$% it is.

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