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Mainstream - Horton Hears A Who - Blu-ray

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Horton Hears A Who + Digital Copy
Horton, The Mayor of Whoville, Kangaroo, Dr. Mary Lou Larue
Voices by Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Caroll Burnett
Directed by Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino
20th Century Fox 2008

I never liked Whos and am always let down when the Grinch gives in at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas; I mean, bah-boo-door-eh? Give me a break!  I must admit though Horton Hears A Who Blu-ray is an excellent Dr. Seuss animation family movie. Of course, a part of the movie involves the Whos and their most noisy musical instruments, nothing a parent who has sat through a school concert can’t handle, but that is a small price to pay.
The basic story of this Dr. Seuss movie is Horton the elephant discovers an entire universe, the Whos, living on a spec on a clover. Nobody believes him and he must find the Whos a new home.

Even this Grinch must admit Whoville is visually cool and the Seuss narration by Charles Osgood well done. Carrey is pretty decent as Horton’s voice but almost sounds like Steve Carell who voices the mayor of Whoville.There are many, many lessons kids can learn from watching Horton Hears A Who. The least subtle of which is about the nature of faith. Horton is, as George Carlin put it, the invisible guy living in the sky. Faith is also about people respecting your own beliefs. Look, you could write a PhD thesis on the subject.Another lesson your child might learn is to take a picture to support the old “everybody else has one” ploy. This animated movie also gives kids a chance to have a talk with their parents about parental pressure. A great lesson many should learn is how some people use “it’s for the children” to hide their nefarious motives.The main lesson for children in Horton Hears a Who is a person is a person, now matter how small.The anime spoof is interesting but useless. The 96 glasses of water is a cool moment where the animators show off their skills.A decent special feature on the Blu-ray edition of Horton Hears A Who is the Ice Age cartoon. It’s okay but it features Sid and not Scratch and his ongoing chase for the elusive nut. Bizarre is the feature where Jojo, the Goth Who, shows up from time to time, sits in a chair, and watches the movie for a while: Sort of like living with a teenager.

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