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Mainstream - Being Erica - CBC Mondays 9 P.M. Starts 01/05/09

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Being Erica
Erin Karpluk, Michael Riley
CBC Mondays 9 P.M.
Begins January 5, 2009
60 minutes

Wouldn’t life be great if you got a do-over? This is the premise of Being Erica, chick TV with a strange twist; Erica Strange. This CBC dramady which premieres Monday January 5th, 2009 at 9 P.M. follows the personal discovery adventures of Erica Strange (played by the very lovely and talented Erin Karpluk), a thirty-something woman with too much education, too many regrets, and not enough future.
Being Erica opens on the day Erica gets fired from her dead end job, gets dumped, and has a hazelnut latte. She wakes up in the hospital and meets Dr. Tom who is way cooler than that other one-name doc. Instead of a make over, Erica gets a do over or three based on a list of bad choices she writes out for Dr. Tom.
Being Erica is a really fun show. Erin Karpluk is very good as Erica, the character is interesting, and the premise can certainly provide good storylines in a Touched by an Angel without the angel or Quantum Leap without the important history.
The premiere episode certainly sets this show up for a long run as Erica’s list of regrets is almost comically long. If the pilot is a good indication, this show features an elegant balance between drama and comedy. If it finds its target audience, Being Erica will have a nice long life.
Although Dr. Tom’s office looks really cool and the production values are generally there, the show has that very odd Canadian TV stylistics where the producers seem to spend the money on a low budget look. A good example of that is the scene when Erica is back home with her mother. Being Erica also Canadian TV’s lack of visual stylistics or polish such as the street scene with girders when Erica runs away from home in her Dorothy-red shoes.
Whoever teaches TV production, etc. in Canada should show the students more American and British TV and less King of Kensington or Adventures in Rainbow Country.
Being Erica airs Mondays at 9 on CBC starting January 5, 2009

Richard Lanoie

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