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Foreign Film - France - The Grocer's Son / Le fils de l'epicier

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The Grocer's Son / Le fils de l??picier
Nicolas Cazale, Clotilde Hesme, Jeanne Goupil
Directed by Eric Guirado
France 2007
Film Movement 2009
96 minutes

The Grocer’s Son / Le fils de l’épicier is in some ways your typical foreign film: a slow moving, yet interesting story, the feeling you can almost smell the places you are seeing, and a glimpse at a different world. This is quite true of this foreign film DVD from Film Movement. The Grocer’s Son is like spending time in Provence with a grocer as he reluctantly does his daily rounds and deals with daily life.

Thirty year old Antoine left for the city a long time ago to escape his small Provence town and his family. When his father falls ill, Antoine is sort of forced to return home and take care of the family grocery business. This means driving the grocery van daily from little burg to little burg to serve the few remaining old souls.

Fortunately for the old folks and, it turns out, himself, Antoine has brought along a young woman he has a crush on, Claire. Claire is in her mid-twenties, redoing her life, and preparing for an entrance exam for a university in Spain. She is as fun as Antoine is morose.

Things change over the course of the summer. Telling you more would spoil the experience.

Some foreign films are easy to approach or immediately grab you and do not let go. This is not true of The Grocer’s Son / Le fils de l’épicier. This is one of those movies you have to commit to, but it is worth it.

Every Film Movement release includes a short film. One Weekend a Month, directed by Eric Escobar is a 12 minute short from the United States. It is one of the most powerful shorts I have seen, even if some of the phone conversation is hard to understand

The Grocer’s Son is but one of many excellent movies available on DVD from Film Movement, our foreign films page includes reviews of Noise from Australia and The Violin from Mexico. A visit to their website is a must for any fan of cinema from another country.

Richard Lanoie

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