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Science Fiction - X Files - Fight The Future - Blu-ray

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X Files Fight the Future Blu-ray
David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, William B. Davis, Martin Landau
Directed by Rob Bowman
Fox Home Entertainment 2008

It takes a certain amount of audacity and faith in your fan base to release a major motion picture as part of the core story arc to a series and expect them to shell out to see it. Not only did the fans shell out the funds they also bought X Files Fight The Future when it was released on DVD. It is now available on Blu-ray. The X-Files phenomenon reached its zenith in the late 1990’s before the Doggett years and the gradual descent into an ever more befuddled mytharc though the monster of the week episodes remained strong during that period. Fight the Future takes place at a strong time during the writing and direction of the X-Files series and is the beneficiary of a strongly forged mytharc that was well understood by the fan base. The Blu-ray version adds a few more bells and whistles for the fans to enjoy.

In simple terms Fight the Future is not a movie for those who are not fans of the series. If you cannot name the FBI agents who have worked on the X-Files, if you do not know who Byers is or what “Your kung fu is better than my kung fu” is referring to then you are not likely to enjoy this movie. The flip side to that of course is that if you do know who Mulder, Scully, Krycek, Spender, Fowley, Doggett and Reyes are then this movie was made specifically for you. An understanding of the back story is probably not an absolute necessity to enjoying Fight The Future but it sure does help. The movie cannot shake the feeling of being a multipart episode of the X-Files television series though the bravura performance of Martin Landau as professor Kurtzweil does alleviate that sense while he is on screen.

The plot of Fight the Future is complicated though not convoluted if you are a fan of the show it is easy enough to follow. Non fans might be left scratching their heads once in a while but that is to be expected. The storyline is strong and well written from the initial moment of the cavemen encountering an alien life right up to the moment that Mulder gets shot in the head – after that things start to unravel in the suspension of disbelief realm. The finale of the movie is by far the weakest link in the movie and on one level that makes sense since it was clearly necessary to leave an opening upon which to build a new season of the series. That lack of a strong finish though is what will leave this movie as essentially a long television episode instead of a decent science fiction movie. As good television it works but it doesn’t quite make it to the silver screen standard. That being said I had a copy in my own collection before receiving it for review.

Special Features on X Files Fight the Future Blu-Ray include the theatrical and extended version of the film; Audio commentary by Rob Bowman, Chris Carter, Frank Spotznitz, and Daniel Sackheim (also available in Bonus View picture in picture; Original commentary track by Rob Bowman and Chris Carter; Alternate bee sting scene; Blackwood – The making of X Files Fight the Future featurette; Visual effects featurette; Scoring featurette; Original 1998 Making of featurette; Enhanced for D-Box Motion Control Systems; Gag reel; a stills gallery, and more.

Denis Bernicky

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