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Foreign Film - France - Novo

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Edouardo Noriega, Anna Mouglalis
Directed by Jean-Pierre Limousin
French with English subtitles
France 2002
Warner Home Video
98 minutes

A Boxing Day sale had the Novo DVD for 1$. It is certainly worth more than that if you like off-beat French or European movies. Novo is a France / Spain / Swiss venture and is very Euro in its approach and sexuality This is a foreign film DVD for those who like their movies very odd but interesting.

Novo starts off with an intimate encounter between Graham (Edouardo Noriega) and Sabine, his boss. Sabine makes sure to tape over the overhead camera and the guy screening what the cameras are filming makes sure to tape over the naughty bits on his screen Sabine’s office.

Pretty soon you figure out there is something odd about Graham.

He then falls in love with the new girl in the office, Irene (Anna Mouglalis). But can he? Graham forgets whatever happened 10 minutes ago. This always renewed innocence and his good looks is what turns women on. For Irene the turn on is things are always different in bed.

There are a few people who show up in Graham’s life but neither the viewer nor Graham are quite sure who they are. Neither are you quite certain what they are up to.

Novo is a foreign film DVD that certainly requires a viewer’s full attention. Whatever is going on between Sabine and the other characters in relation to Graham is not easy to follow or figure out.

This is an interesting French film about the nature of identity and memory … probably

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