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Action - Behind Enemy Lines - Colombia

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Behind Enemy Lines - Colombia
Keith David, Joe Mangienallo, Mr. Kennedy
Directed by Tim Matheson
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
94 minutes

If you’re looking for a good jungle war movie like Rambo II, Predator, Navy SEALs and other famous titles from the 80s-90s, Behind Enemy Lines Colombia won’t surprise you as it borrows many of the formulas you may have seen before. However, if you’re looking for an action packed realistic DVD movie about a group of Navy SEALs and their high tech modern equipment who get framed during a mission turned bad in Columbia, read on.

In this third installment of the Behind Enemy Lines series (I didn’t even know there had been a second one) we follow a group of Navy SEALs who go deep undercover in Columbia to recon a site where their Intel suggests there could be a meeting between the Columbian Army and rebel FARC insurgents. Washington wants to know if the meeting will be a peaceful one, or a major clash between the two parties.

This is where the action starts in the Behind Enemy Lines Colombia DVD. There are lots of people killed and our group of Navy SEALs is framed and blamed for the murders. That’s where they have to find a way to clear their names and evade capture using all their SEAL training while operating behind enemy lines.

Of course, during the course of their operations, you can expect to see lots of explosions, and other cool special effects. There are plenty of gun fights, fist fights and a cool knife fight scene near the end. I enjoyed how the movie illustrates the mode of operation of SEALs (which stands for SEa, Air and Land soldiers). The weapons used seem realistic for the theater of operations portrayed (each faction using the weapons you’d expect them to use).

The Behind Enemy Lines Colombia DVD offers interesting bonus features. There’s a feature where we see why Joe Manganiello and Ken Anderson (AKA Mr. Kennedy from WWE) were cast for the main two roles, “Colombia Norte: On Location In Puerto Rico” shows how they recreated the Columbian setting in Puerto Rico, “The Big Guns: Military Action On Film” explains the weaponry and tactics used to simulate real military behavior in the film, “The Rocket’s Red Glare: Explosions Explained” is self explanatory as well as “Art Of The Fall: Stunt Secrets”. The DVD also includes bloopers and other funny moments from the film.

If you can get over the lack of originality of certain parts of the Behind Enemy Lines Colombia plot, the extras make this action packed DVD worth a purchase.

Vincent Lemire

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