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Horror - Mirrors - Kiefer Sutherland

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Mirrors - Rated / Unrated Versions
Kiefer Sutherland, Amy Smart, Paula Patton
Written and directed by Alexandre Aja
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
111 minutes

Mirrors immediately starts off creepy and gory and pretty much keeps it up. A security guard is running scared in an eerily filmed subway station and then his reflection cuts his throat. Writer / director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes) does not waste a lot of time, something horror DVD fans will appreciate in either the rated or unrated versions of this Kiefer Sutherland movie. The Mirrors DVD also includes an alternate ending.

Of course, when a movie wants to plow ahead back story gets jammed in there pretty quickly. Sutherland is a former cop and is now the new night watchman at a burned out department store (lots of mannequins and creepy places) that once was a hospital. The only thing intact in the store are the mirrors which the now dead former night watchman polished with a passion. Guess where evil lurks? Guess what everybody including the Sutherland character has in their home. Wonder if the monsters can move from store to home?

Mirrors is definitely a heebie jeebies horror movie. Sutherland is excellent as the washed up, post traumatic stressed, former drunk ex-cop who must defend what little he has left when the mirrors act up. The rest of the acting is mundane.

The scary bits themselves are pretty good and high on the gory scale though there are not many of the latter.

I am not one for horror films who overthink everything. If there are scary bits, some decent acting, and a decent story, I’m happy. I’m happy with Mirrors but then I didn’t try to figure out what the ending meant.

Fortunately, Mirrors rated and unrated does not come as one of those mirror DVDs.

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