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Mainstream - Skins - Volume 1

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Skins - Volume 1
Nicholas Hoult, Nichole Pearson, Hannah Murray
9 45-minute Episodes 3 DVD
BBC Television 2007
Warner Home Video / BBC Video 2009

Skins is a totally weird, original, darkly funny BBC teen dramady. Volume 1 features the first episodes that made such a splash when they aired on BBC America. Imagine how much better they are uncensored. Like many other British TV shows, there is nothing quite like Skins.

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Skins has been compared to Gossip Girl but this show is original, darker, and far more realistic when it comes to sexuality and drugs. The characters are also much better defined and interesting. Where Gossip Girl is just a prime-time teen oriented soap opera, this BBC comedy is realistic, features more than white folk, and is darkly funny at times.

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The show follows the lives of British high schooler Tony (Nicholas Hoult), his girlfriend Michelle, his best pal Sid, the very strange, anorexic, and innocent in a strange world Cassie, Jal, Chris, and pals Maxxie and Anwar.

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Each show focuses on one character, beginning with the very clever BMOC Tony, but also continues the overall story. Michelle is hot for Tony, Sid is hot for Michelle, and Cassie is hot for Sid.

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Other episodes focus on secondary characters such as Jal and her home life, Chris who has the hots for one of the teachers, and Effy, Tony’s sister. Episode 6, DVD 2 of Skins Volume 1, features a very strange school trip to Russia. Tony’s sister, Effy, a very minor character, gets a bit of episode 7 so Tony can learn a lesson.

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There are many smart comic moments in the 3 DVD Skins Volume 1 set: the father asking his son, “You take me for a complete James Blunt, don’t you?”; the end of episode 1 where the gulls are laughing at what is going on (one character trying to pee and then …) is priceless.

Special features on the 3 DVD Skins Volume One set are video diaries and ancillary storylines.

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