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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 121 - Black Orchid - Peter Davison

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Doctor Who 121 - Black Orchid
Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding
1 DVD 2 Episodes
Originally broadcast BBC 1982
49 minutes

Black Orchid is episode 121 of Doctor Who. The story is a pretty awful mystery. There is very little to interest a casual fan of this BBC science fiction show in Black Orchid although this is a good episode to introduce new fans to the series. Real fans of this series will find this episode quite bland. It is obvious this is another extremely low budget episode.

The Doctor (Peter Davison) Tegan, Nyssa, and the always annoying Adric open the Tardis door and find themselves in 1920s England. They become guests of the local gentry. There is a mysterious man in a mysterious room being watched by an Amazonian Indian with a plate in his lip (huh?). It is also established early on the fiancée of the rich young man was once engaged to his brother and is a dead ringer for Nyssa.

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There is a costume ball and Nyssa and the fiancée decide to wear the same costume. One of them is kidnapped while the Doctor gets lost in the manor’s many secret passages. Someone in the waitstaff is killed, the Doctor is accused, and must prove his innocence.

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Edwardian England is interestingly portrayed and the costumes and so on quite pleasing to see. Unfortunately the story is quite bland and silly.

Doctor Who 121 Black Orchid is one of the more affordable Doctor Who DVDs if only because of the length of this episode.

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