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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 136 The Caves of Androzani - Peter Davison

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Doctor Who 136 The Caves of Androzani - Peter Davison
Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant
4 Episodes 1 DVD
Originally aired BBC 1984
Warner Home Video 2002

Episode 136 of Doctor Who is another small budget production. The four-part episode on this DVD is pretty good nonetheless with lots of different kinds of villains and good guys.

The Doctor and Peri, his latest companion, land on Androzani minor and immediately find themselves in the middle of a conflict between rebel forces, a powerful mining company, and the Androzani government.

To add to their troubles, a Godzilla like creature roams the caves of Androzani and a black and white masked villain (a la Frank Gorshin in Star Trek) is playing games behind the scene. You can toss androids into the mix.

The Caves of Androzani has a rather complex plot line where you are never quite sure who is who in terms of good guys or bad guys. This makes for a rather interesting episode.

Doctor Who episode 136 really is a low budget production, hence all the cave stuff, but here story trumps money. Peri, however, spend all her time being captive of various factions and dying of some kind of poison.

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