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Horror - Mirrors Blu-ray

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Mirrors Blu-ray - Rated / Unrated Versions
Kiefer Sutherland, Amy Smart, Paula Patton
Written and directed by Alexandre Aja
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
111 minutes

Mirrors is you basic good ol’ fashion horror movie. This Kiefer Sutherland vehicle now available on Blu-ray features a good story and lots of scary enough bits. Aside from one scene early on in Mirrors, this is not a particularly gory movie. Writer director Alexandre Aja relies more on tension and the creepy setting to give you chills.

In Mirrors, Sutherland plays an ex-cop who is now the night watchman at the burned out Mayflower store, the previous security guard having killed himself. The Mayflower is a burned out shell but for some strange reasons the many store mirrors have remained intact. Sutherland’s character soon gets spooked by the mirrors and brings that fear to his ex-wife and their two kids.

This horror movie Blu-ray does have the old “the place used to be a mental hospital” subplot that is supposed to explain a lot of the weird stuff. Either you buy it or you do not.

In this case, you willingly buy that subplot. Mirrors is a very good scary movie with solid acting, good and occasionally original special effects, and lots of tense moments. This is not a great horror movie but it does what any good movie in this genre is supposed to do: interest and give a minor case of the heebie jeebies from time to time without insulting your intelligence.

Do not ask me to explain the alternate ending though.

The Mirrors DVD  release  features  the  theatrical R-Rated  version  of  the  film  presented  in widescreen. Special features include:

•  Extended Unrated cut of the film

•  Reflections: The Making of Mirrors featurette

•  Behind The Mirror featurette  

•  Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by director Alexandre Aja)

•  Inside The Mirror Alternate Ending  

Mirrors Blu-ray Disc Specs:  

The Mirrors  BD  release will  be  authored  in BD-J with AVC  (MPEG  4)  compression  on  a  dual-layer 50GB disc presented  in widescreen format (2.40:1 aspect ratio) with English 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio

The Mirrors  BD  includes  all  the  above  standard-def  content  plus  the  following  BD  Exclusive  bonus features:

•  Anna Esseker Backstory featurette

•  BonusView Mode

o  Mirror Images: picture-in-picture commentary with director Alexandre Aja and  

  co-writer/producer Gregory Levasseur

o  Picture-in-picture Scene to Storyboard comparison

•  Animated Storyboard Sequence

•  Digital Copy of the film for portable media players

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