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Science Fiction - Species

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Ben Kingsley, Natasha Henstridge, Marg Helgenberger,
Michael Madsen, Forest Whitaker
Directed by Roger Donadson
Originally released 1995
108 minutes

Sil may behave like a cougar but she is not old enough to be one. Species is a great science fiction thriller that was unfortunately milked for two more versions. The original, however, is superb. Even if you are not really into SF, the thriller part with the good guys chasing the baddie will keep you very interested. Species features an excellent cast, an original and well-written story, and just enough shock and gore to make every one happy.

Ben Kingsley plays a government scientist to inserted a DNA sequence sent from space into human ova. When the child grows at an alarming rate, Kingsley decides the experiment must be stopped and he orders the child, a cute six-year-old, killed. The kid escapes, morphs into one hell of a beautiful woman named Sil (Natasha Henstridge) and the chase is on.

The government team consists of a biologist (Helgenberger), an empath (Whitaker), a hitman (Michael Madsen),  and a Harvard professor (Alfred Molina). They must find Sil before she mates and creates more creatures like her.

In many ways, Species is not very different from your basic crime thriller with the baddie being chased by the law. It’s just that this baddie is sexy as hell, quite resourceful, and urns into a really scary creature sometimes.

This is an excellent science-fiction thriller well worth watching.

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