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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 117 Castrovalva - Peter Davison

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Doctor Who 117 - Castrovalva
Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding
4 Episodes 1 DVD
Originally broadcast BBC 1982

Doctor Who 117, Castrovalva, bridges the Tom Baker and Peter Davison years and is part of a series of connected episodes featuring The Master. Castrovalva makes little sense out of its story arc so you really do have to watch episode 115, The Keeper of Traken, and 116, Logopolis.

When Doctor Who ‘s regeneration encounters some difficulties, the Doctor must go to the Zero Room for a while. The Master has rigged a trap for the Doctor through Adric so Tegan and Nyssa must somehow learn to fly the Tardis. They land on Castrovalva, a world the Master controls. Meanwhile, Adric is prisoner of the Master.

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The Doctor is well received but not everybody, especially the head librarian of Castrovalva, is a friend. A neat feature to this world is it is very Escher like for reasons that would spoil the plot.

It is no secret the special effects for BBC’s Doctor Who serial make the original Star Trek’s look like million dollar productions. Here, the natives wear ratty fur coats and feathers and Castrovalva is obviously a set.

This is not a great Doctor Who episode. Only fans of this science fiction series will appreciate it.

Extra features on this Doctor Who DVD include:

Audio Commentary by Actors Peter Davison and Janet Fielding and Matthew Waterhouse, Writer Christopher H. Bidmead and Director Fiona Cumming

Being Doctor Who - Peter Davison Discusses How He Approached This Iconic Role (13 Mins) Directing Castrovala - 11-Minute Interview With Fiona Cumming The Crowded Tardis - 11-Minute Featurette With Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, John Black and Christopher H. Bidmead Swap Shop, Blue Peter - Peter Davison Interviews (29 Mins) Deleted Scenes (1 Min) Theme Music Video - New Remix of Peter Howell's Doctor Who Theme Music For 1980 in Stereo or Dolby 5.1 Surround Music-Only Option Trailers and Continuity Announcements (2 Mins)DVD-ROM Feature 1982 Doctor Who Annual, Radio Times and BBC Enterprises Literature PDF's Production Notes Subtitle Option Photo Gallery

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