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Science Fiction - Doctor Who - The Next Doctor - Christmas 2008

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Doctor Who - The Next Doctor Christmas 2008
David Tennant, David Morrissey, Dervla Kirwan
Written by Russell Davies
BBC Video 2009
60 minutes who2008.jpg

The Doctor Who Christmas Specials always have that extra bit of magic or energy. The 2008 Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Next Doctor, most certainly continues the tradition.The Next Doctor is also available in the 5 DVD set The Complete Specials

The Doctor, David Tennant, lands the Tardis in London on Christmas Eve 1851 and almost immediately comes across the Doctor, David Morrissey, and his assistant Rosita. The other Doctor is investigating a series of murders but has suffered a major memory loss. The Doctor decides to assist.

Soon, it is revealed a Miss Hartigan (a scene stealing Dervla Kirwan, a woman who works at an orphanage, is involved and so are Cybermen and Cybermen in gorilla suits and they too are a sonic screwdriver short a screw.

It is in this episode that you learn Tardis stands for Tethered Aerial Release Developed in Style.

\I like my Doctor Who with lots of action and this one episode DVD really rocks.

The extra feature on the Doctor Who The Next Doctor DVD is Doctor Who at the Proms, a live performance of various music used in the new series. It is enjoyable but closes with a rather banal performance of the series’ theme music

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