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Action - S.I.S. Special Investigation Section

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S.I.S Special Investigation Section
Keith David, Peter Stebbings, Omari Hardwick
Directed by John Herzfeld
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
82 minutes

The first time I watched the S.I.S Special Investigation Section DVD, the ending left me wondering what the heck had just happened (or not happened). After some research, I realized that my thoughts were correct; S.I.S. Special Investigation Section is a back-door pilot episode produced by Sony/Spike TV which they hope could lead to a TV series. Only in such a role does this movie make any sense.

The SIS is a group of special surveillance investigators that was created in 1965. Their aim is to catch the worst criminals in L.A. in the act, which makes it easier to prosecute them after the fact. Again, my research on the subject revealed that this group has apparently really existed. Not only that, there have been books and other movies based on their actions.

All S.I.S. Special Investigation Section does in my opinion is set up the main characters. After an operation at the beginning of the movie doesn’t go quite according to plan, we discover the members of the group who took part in the operation, as well as the thieves who play “the bad guys”. Don’t get me wrong, the actors do a very good at showing the complex personalities of the characters they play (and Keith David gives all that some credibility in the acting department), but all this movie seems to do is set us up for the next episode. At the end of the movie *big spoiler alert*, the team simply leaves for its next job and you see the end credits. There has been no climax in the story yet, and we feel there’s no resolution in the story.

As I hinted earlier, after the first viewing, I had a “what the heck?” moment that made me feel like this movie had brought me all the way there to give me nothing in the end. A little bit like we’ve sadly been accustomed to lately with movies that clearly end in a “there’s gonna be a sequel” way. Maybe Spiderman can get away with it, but this…

If Sony wants any success with this DVD release, they should mention on the box that it is a pilot episode for a series. Marketed as a movie, all this DVD says is that the producers wanted to recuperate money from the pilot episode for a series that has probably already been canned.

Vincent Lemire

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