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Mainstream - Breaking Bad Season One

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Breaking Bad The Complete First Season
Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul
Originally Aired AMC 2008
7 Episodes 3 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

Breaking Bad is a very original and excellent TV drama. The Complete First Season Breaking Bad DVD set features 7 episodes and a few extra features. If you are not familiar with this AMC TV drama, you are missing a really good, well-written, well-acted and at times darkly comic show that brings a new twist to better living through better chemistry

Breaking Bad stars Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston as high school chemistry teacher Walter White. He, his wife, and his son, who has CP, are having a very hard time making ends meet; Walter even works at the local car wash to bring in a few more bucks. When he learns he is dying of cancer and learns how much money you can make making crystal meth, he decides to go into the business so as to leave something behind.

He teams up with one of his former, and not very good students (Aaron Paul) and creates some excellent crystal meth but also quite a few problems at the same time such as bodies. This creates some tension at home as the missus starts thinking Walter is having an affair and decides to look into that.

Breaking Bad features some really original storylines and twists that keep a viewer hooked and looking forward to the next episode. My favorite is discovering what happens when you put a body in a bathtub and soak it in hydrochloric acid to make it go away.

The fourth and fifth episodes of the 7-episode first season of Breaking Bad serve as a bridge between the first half and second half of the series and thus are not that fascinating. The last couple of minutes of Breaking Bad episode 4 are definitely cool while the way the writers set up Walter’s excuse for the drug money, episode 5, is pretty clever.

Things go back to really good with episodes 6 and 7.

Special features on the Breaking Bad DVD set include a Making Of, Inside Breaking Bad, Episode Commentaries, Interviews, and Screen Tests.

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