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Mainstream - Raging Bull Blu-ray

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Raging Bull Blu-ray
Robert De Niro, Cathy Moriarty, Joe Pesci
Directed by Martin Scorsese
Originally released MGM 1980
MGM Home Entertainment 2009
129 minutes

Raging Bull is a modern classic and no longer treated like a contender now that it is available on Blu-ray. Fans of this Martin Scorsese classic will certainly appreciate how crisp and perfect Raging Bull looks on a widescreen TV in Blu-ray. This movie based on Jake La Motta’s story is one of the films this latest format was made for.

There is no doubt Raging Bull is the ultimate boxing movie but it is on the long side. The first forty minutes establish a few things such as Jake La Motta’s first marriage, fights against Sugar Ray Robinson, and how the mob was always sitting at the next table, but it is nothing that could not have been condensed a bit. Basically, Raging Bull is a movie about a man fighting his inner demons; the very inner demons that allow him to be successful as a fighter.

Scorsese is not one to telegraph his punches but after one of the fights against Sugar Ray he makes it clear Jake La Motta uses fighting as a way to atone for his sins. In the believe it or not category, Ordinary People, one of the schmaltziest movies ever beat Raging Bull for best director and best supporting actor in the Academy Awards; Timothy Hutton over Joe Pesci?

Raging Bull is a a very good movie but I feel style overcomes content so that it is more interesting as an exercise in filmmaking than as a story.

Special features on the Raging Bull Blu-ray include Commentary by Director Martin Scorsese and Editor Thelma Schoonmaker. Cast and Crew Storytellers Commentary with Mardik Martin, Paul Schrader, Jason Lustin and Jake Lamotta. Raging Bull: Before the Fight (The Writing, the Casting and Preproduction). Inside the Ring (The Choreography of the Fight Scenes). Outside the Ring (Behind-the-Scenes Stories on the Making of the Film). Raging Bull: After the Fight (The Sound Design, the Music, the Impact of the Film). The Bronx Bull (Making of Documentary). De Niro Vs LaMotta (Shot by Shot Comparison in the Ring). La Motta Defends Title (Newsreel Footage) Original Theatrical Trailer.

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