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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake Happily Ever After

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Strawberry Shortcake Happily Ever After
Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Angel Cake
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
45 minutes

In this Strawberry Shortcake DVD, based on the popular 1970’s greeting cards and gifts, there is a new take on two classic fairy tales.  In Happily Ever After, a modernized version of both Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel, three friends decide to have a sleepover.  One of the friend’s feelings get hurt, and Strawberry Shortcake tells two stories to help clear up the situation.

The stories themselves are not quite the exact fairy tales of Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel, as there is no Prince Charming in either story, but they are fairly close.  My kids were able to easily recognize each tale.

There were lots of good things about this Strawberry Shortcake DVD.  There was good music - my son was dancing and having fun when the songs came on.  There were lots of good lessons – and I am one for good lessons.  How to listen to others, how to be a good friend, how to be yourself, let others be themselves were just a few of the lessons learned to start with.  My kids were easily able to put into words these themes, and express how they would deal with the situations.

My 4 year old was captivated, as was my 6 year old.    They were both glued to me on the couch watching the DVD as soon as the music started. All of my children said how they liked the vivid colours, and lots of good characters.  They asked to watch it twice in a row.

I would have liked more ‘parent’ involvement…the stories all revolved around friends and how important they are. Rapunzel’s parents are seen, but only from the neck down.  I think it’s important to show how to get along with friends, but also that there is support from other places as well.  This is definitely not the focus of the Strawberry Shortcake series.

I love checking out special features – the memory book was interesting, for my son – who wanted to see and hear about all the characters – and there are many!!! The colouring pages require an Internet connection, and we only have slow access, so it didn’t work here.

Overall, Strawberry Shortcake Happily Ever After is a great DVD; kids of all ages will enjoy watching it again and again.

Carolyn Genge

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