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Mainstream - Fox / MGM Awards Series Double Features

Fox / MGM Awards Series Double Features
Fox / MGM Award Series Double Features
Leaving Las Vegas / Raging Bull
The Last King of Scotland / Wall Street
City Slickers / A Fish Called Wanda
Coming Home / Norma Rae
Fargo / Thelma & Louise
Little Miss Sunshine / Sideways
Re-released 2009

If it’s Academy Awards season, it is also time for Hollywood studios to try and milk Oscar winning movie DVDs for all their worth. Even this very cynical consumer cannot but be tempted by a few of these Fox and MGM double DVD re-releases, especially since the price is pretty decent. Success does sometimes make for very strange bedfellows though.

First and foremost, each Award Series Double Feature DVD set comes with 2 distinct discs and not some double-sided or single-sided jammed together monstrosity. The DVDs are separate and packaged together according to which Academy Award the movie won.

This can give a pretty interesting combination of City Slickers and A Fish Called Wanda who both won Best Supporting Actor awards for Jack Palance and Kevin Kline, or Best Original Screenplay winners Fargo and Thelma & Louise. Another good pair is The Abyss and Alien for Best SFX

You also get some somewhat odd pairings like Coming Home and Norma Rae which won Oscars for Jane Fonda and Sally Field. Norma Rae has not aged very well story wise by the way.

The Fox / MGM Award Series Double Feature collection also creates some very, very strange marriages. Little Miss Sunshine and Sideways, for example, are put together for their Adapted Screenplay Oscar while Leaving Las Vegas and Raging Bull come together because of Best Actor awards for Nicolas Cage and Robert De Niro. Raging Bull is considered a classic and it is, but only cinematographically; the story is fairly boring.

If this was not 2009 and we were not in the middle of a great financial crisis, the pairing of Last King of Scotland and Wall Street would be questionable. Although these two movies are together for Best Actor, Forest Whitaker and Michael Douglas, I would rather believe it is because they are both about the disaster and shattered lives these power-hungry men create behind them.

All of these Academy Award winning DVD come in widescreen (some with flipside fullscreen) and many include some special features.

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