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Science Fiction - Alien Raiders - The Raw Feed

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Alien Raiders - The Raw Feed
Carlos Bernard, Matthew St. Patrick, Courtney Ford
Samantha Streets, Derek Basco
Directed by Ben Rock
Warner Home Video 2009
85 minutes

Alien Raiders is a great horror creature feature thriller. At a time where there is little original thought or plot out there, this Raw Feed DVD gives fans of these genres hope.Alien Raiders wastes little time setting up its premise, giving you the background you need to figure things out, and even less time convincing you watching this movie is a hell of a great idea and a solid adrenaline rush.

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Set in Hasting’s Market, a small town grocery store, Alien Raiders begins as your basic gang run robbery with a hostage situation. It turns out the robbers have a very different and original agenda: they are looking for aliens and suspect the people of the small town to be some. While the police outside do your standard hostage negotiations, the gang “investigates” each of the hostages one by one to figure out who is playing incubator for the alien bug.

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This thriller horror DVD proves you do not need a big budget or lots of blue screen stuff to make a kick ass movie. Also, do not let the grainy hand-help camera sequence early on in the film turn you off: Alien Raiders is not one of those cute trick movies.

Click for Alien Raiders Robbery clip    Click for Alien Raiders See You Later

The tension in Alien Raiders comes not only from the hostage situation but also from who is the bug host and who are the good guys really. Added to the mix is the fact the cop in charge of the situation has his stepdaughter inside the store. That you just can’t wait for the alien to show up is also a great cause for adrenaline rushes.

Click for Alien Raiders You Guys clip   Alien Raiders Getting Ugly clip

At 85 minutes, this horror thriller wastes no time telling its story and keeping you interested. This DVD is a keeper, especially since there is probably a part two.


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