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Mainstream - Amadeus Director's Cut Blu-ray

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Amadeus Director's Cut - Blu-ray
Tom Hulce, F. Murray Abraham, Elizabeth Berridge
Directed by Milos Forman
Originally released 1984
Warner Home Video 2009
180 minutes

Just the fact Amadeus is on Blu-ray should be enough to convince fans of this cinematic classic to acquire it. Warner Brothers adds the extra incentive of a digital copy, a compilation CD, and a booklet about the movie. The booklet is fairly lame and the 8-track soundtrack CD is decent but will not impress classical music fans who own of Wolfgang Amadeus’ Mozart oeuvre. But the Director’s Cut Amadeus Blu-ray is absolutely gorgeous in 1080p 16X9 and 2:41 Widescreen.

For those unfamiliar with Amadeus, it is the story of Mozart as told by his greatest musical rival, Italian composer Antonio Salieri. Salieri is at the end of his life and in a nut house after trying to kill himself out of guilt for killing Mozart. He tells his and Mozart’s story to a priest who has come to visit him. This is a complex, and long, movie that fans will watch many times to get everything.

Many have speculated on a lot of what happens in this movie. Ultimately though, Salieri was jealous of Mozart not because of women or even his talent but because Salieri felt God had welched on a deal he made with him: Salieri would endeavor to remain chaste and praise God through music if God gave him the talent. Salieri then discovers God has given more talent to Mozart. The title, Amadeus, is not only Mozart’s second surname but also means beloved of God.

Amadeus is also the story of amazing talent with little social grace opposed to amazing social talent with little musical grace. It is also a very entertaining movie with a lot of subtle and not so subtle humor and funny moments. Tom Hulce is great if a little too maniacal as Mozart, F. Murray Abraham won the Best Actor Academy Award for his performance of Salieri, and Jeffrey Jones as the Austrian emperor.

This movie may be a bit on the long side at three hours, including the extra twenty minutes for the director’s cut.

Those who like biographical, musical, and period movies are very well served by the Director’s Cut Amadeus Blu-ray.

Special features in addition to the book style packaging include a commentary track by director Milos Forman and writer Peter Shaffer, a making of documentary, and the theatrical trailer

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