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Foreign Film - Mexico - Erendira Ikikunari

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Erendira Ikikurani
Xochiquetzal Rodriguez, Luis Esteban Huacuz Di?mas
Written and directed by Juan Mora Catlett
Purupecha with English, French, Spanish subtitles
Mexico 2006
Facets Video 2009
107 minutes

The wonderful thing about watching a foreign film DVD is sometimes you discover a different kind of story told in a totally different way. This is the case for Erendira Ikikurani released on DVD by Facets Video. Erendira is an absolutely superb film that bears repeated viewing. This film from Mexico is in a native language, Purupecha, but comes with excellent English, French subtitles. There are also Spanish subtitles but my Spanish is nonexistent.

Erendira is one of the most interesting, well-made, original foreign film DVD s I have seen in a long time. It tells the story of what happens to a Mexican native tribe when the Spanish Conquistadors invade their world. Some of the people’s leaders, believing the arrival of the Spaniards is a sign their old gods have abandoned them, decide to accept these newcomers as their conquerors while others decide to fight back.

This Mexican foreign film is also about traditions and beliefs. Erendira, a young woman, wants to join the fight against the invaders but to do so she must overcome the male dominated society in which she has been raised. Her uncle takes her under her wing and a legend allows her to fulfill her destiny.

This foreign film is fascinating in every way. Writer / director Juan Mora Catlett brilliantly blends modern cinematic techniques with constant allusions to legends of the time and the artwork created at the time to tell the same story, sometimes in the very same frame.

While some foreign films are not transferred to DVD with much care, this is absolutely not the case for Erendira. This Mexican film looks absolutely gorgeous on a widescreen high definition TV.

Anyone interested in South American cinema must get Erendira Ikikunari.

Richard Lanoie

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