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Mainstream - Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr.

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Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr.
Josh Flitter, Emma Lockhart, Austin Rogers
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
93 minutes

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr. is a fun kid’s DVD adults can watch without being bored or annoyed. This in itself should be enough to inform your purchasing decision. This DVD is fairly family friendly: I didn’t mind the occasional fart joke inherited from the Jim Carrey versions but winced at Ace’s grandfather having a hairball, hinting “My cat is on its eighth life. There are some spots he’s simply too old to lick himself.” Nevertheless, Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr. is entertaining, has its original moments, and does not insult your intelligence. Hey, it’s even a tad wee bit educational.

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After his zookeeper mom tells Ace (Josh Flitter, the latest Nancy Drew mysteries) to stay out of trouble, he decides to ventura into the pet detective business just when a lot of the local pets have been disappearing. Things get a little more serious when one of the zoo’s pandas is kidnapped and Ace’s mother is accused of in the case of the purloined panda which turns out to be part of a pandamic. Ralph Waite, Ace’s paternal grandfather moves in to take care of the kid (and give him necessary background information).

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Ace eventually gets help from the school nerd, A-Plus (Austin Rogers), and the girl-next-door Laura (Emma Lockhart) on whom he has a crush.

A joke adults will appreciate is the use of the Perry Mason theme in the courtroom scene which also includes a few cinematic references.

There are of course a few lessons to be learned here but I just enjoyed the movie.

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