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Action - Wonder Woman - DC Universe Animated Movie

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Wonder Woman
Two-Disc Special Edition
DC Universe Animated Original Movie
Warner Home Video 2009
74 minutes

Man have I been out of the loop! The last time I saw Wonder Woman she was on TV played by Lynda Carter and fighting baddies. This DC Universe Animated Movie features a much more violent version of the cartoon character (voiced by Kerri Russell) and it is incredibly sexist: A cartoon that even suggested women are scum would be banned; saying all men are scum or at best buffoons as often as possible is okay though. Animation wise, this Wonder Woman cartoon is rather generic, low budget, and somehow, cubic

This DC Universe Animated Movie is decent enough if you are not too demanding. It is only 74 minutes long but even at that there are scenes, such as the dogfight that causes the U.S. Air Force pilot (in his kaki uniform) to crash on the Amazon’s island, that are way too long. It also takes a third of the cartoon for the real story, Wonder Woman leaving her island for the outside world, to get started.

The basic story of this Wonder Woman cartoon is Diana aka Wonder Woman is asked by the queen to bring a stranded flyboy back home to the good ol’ USA. She also has to find the god of war who escaped from girlie girl island at about the same time.

She gets flyboy home but then, for some reason, allows this incompetent, untrustworthy, puny mortal male to accompany her on her search for Ares the god of war.

This story features a lot of action and references to greek mythology but it is often at the expense of interest. Then again, perhaps I am expecting too much from this Wonder Woman DVD cartoon.

Special features on this 2 DVD set include a digital copy (oh, goodie), a commentary track by the cartoon’s creative team, 2 documentaries including one with the very light title Wonder Woman: Daughter of Myth Historical Amazon Lore and Its Evolution Into the Modern-Day Wonder Woman Character, and two Justice League bonus cartoons.

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