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Mainstream - Mighty B! - We Got the Bee

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Mighty B! - We Got the Bee
8 Episodes 1 DVD
Paramount 2009
88 minutes

Mighty B! We Got the Bee is an 8 episode DVD of the Nickelodeon children’s cartoon Mighty Bee. One thing for sure, this is a high energy, very, very colorful animated show that is sure to get the attention of even the fidgetiest small-fry. At fifteen minutes each, the episodes pack in a lot of story and not much filler.

Mighty B! is Bessie Higgenbottom, a something-year old girl scout who speaks like Sylvester the Cat and wants to become the leader of Honeybee Troop 828. She is a very determined kid that doesn’t believe in obstacles and whose efforts are sometimes, always over the top, if not of imaginary superhero proportions

This is quite obvious in the first episode of the Mighty B! DVD, We Got the B, where Bessie wants to join the local band even if she has no musical talent. (“What do you call someone who is not a musician? A drummer!”). Parental units will appreciate the in-jokes such as references to The Ramones and the Velvel Underground, while this Flintstones fan liked the nod to the Way Outs.

I also enjoyed the Bee Afraid episode where Bessie decides to spend the night in the woods to earn a badge while her “friends” try to scare her silly. The scary campfire story begins with “It was a dark and stormy night and the mall was empty … and a sweater vest….”  Young ones might actually be scared by this one.

Also fun in this Mighty B! DVD is Artificial Unintelligence where Bessie enters the school science fair to get her Mad Scientist badge.

Were I a parent, I am sure there would be quite a few lessons in these Mighty B! episodes I could discuss with my kids. I am not so there you go. I enjoyed the original stories and the really great and rich colors used in this Nickelodeon cartoon.

Episode Descriptions:

We Got the Bee - When Portia’s band doesn’t let Bessie join, Bessie starts rockin’ to her own beat!

So Happy Together -To enter the Honeybee Dog Show and earn the Animal Appreciation badge, Bessie sets out to find a stray.

Sweet Sixteenth - Just the teensiest bit under minimum height to ride The Punisher, Bessie goes to extremes to measure up.

Bee My Baby - To dupe Bessie into babysitting, Portia and Gwen tell her about the non-existent Baby Wrangling Badge.

Bee Afraid - In her quest for the Happy Camper Badge, Bessie goes, well, you know. But it’s scary in the dark. Especially with Portia and Gwen around.

Artificial Unintelligence - Will Bessie’s entry in the science fair finally win her the Mad Scientist Badge? Or just make other people mad?

Bat Mitzvah Crashers - Bessie and Penny love crashing Bat Mitzvahs, then vow to stop when the partying takes a toll. But can they resist crashing “the Bat Mitzvah of the century?”

Super Secret Weakness - The Mighty B is sure to find herself in quite a pickle if Bessie doesn’t help her ‘squash’ her only weakness.

Special Features include Behind The Mighty B!: Meet the Creators and Cast, ”Bat Mitzvah Crashers” Original Animatic, and “Running with the Rainbow Unicorn” Karaoke

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