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Mainstream - The Girls Next Door Season 4

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The Girls Next Door Season Four
Holly, Bridget, Kendra, Hugh Hefner
16 Episodes 3 DVD
Fox Home Video 2009

Goodie goodie goodie goodie was my reaction to getting a copy of this Girls Next Door DVD set. Season 4 features 16 episodes on 3 DD, sorry DvD. The Girls Next Door is a jiggle and giggle show that does not pretend to be more than that. It is also lots of mindless fun. For those wondering, the girls are usually fully dressed but they do wear the occasional skimpy. There is very little nudity here but there is some on DVD 3.

For those living on planet Zeptor, Girls Next Door follows the adventures of three blonde bodacious bouncy bubbly bunnies living at Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner. This is a really fun, mindless show. The Playboy girls have various adventures in and out of the Mansion while the camera is rolling. There a lot of overexplanation in this show as the girls tell you on camera what is going to happen, what just happened, what they are going to say, or what they just said.

In case you have problems keeping the girls apart, Holly is Hefner’s squeeze, Kendra is the one who swears all the time, and Bridget is the other one.

There is a bit of irony in Hefner’s latest girlfriend repeatedly saying “Hef does not like anything new”. You can also have fun playing Freudian slip with statements like “The new couch is like my personality: firm and down to business”.

Generally, the shows feature more than enough giggle and jiggle to keep a guy interested. Not all The Girls Next Door season four shows are that great. Show 2 has one Kendra’s mother going for plastic surgery and Holly renovating the gym. Aside from the last few minutes when you see a lot of girls using the equipment, there’s nothing interesting here.

The Girls Next Door DVD 1 episode 5 features a bit of trapeze work and an Arabian Nights themed party. DVD 2 has an episode where the girls go to Monte Carlo and get arrested but there is no footage of that. The first part of the show set in Jamaica good bikini content

Season 4 DVD 3 features a fun episode with Bridget’s birthday murder mystery party and a pole dancing lesson. Surf’s Up also has good bikini content and bare boobs. The Hot Chocolate episode also has good boobie content. A topless and very barely dressed Pamela Anderson shows up for Hef’s birthday. She Got Game features a bit of a centerfold shoot.

There are special features for each episode: A couple of deleted scenes and a commentary track with the girls. The commentary track is silly since a lot of this Playboy TV show is the girls commenting on what is going on.

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