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Mainstream - Jonny Quest The Real Adventures Season 1 Vol. 1

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Jonny Quest - The Real Adventures
Season One Volume One
Jonny Quest, Benton Quest, Race Bannon
Jessie Bannon, Hadji
13 Episodes 2 DVD
Warner Home Video 2009

Jonny Quest The Real Adventures is a new version of the original Hanna Barbera cartoon as seen on the Cartoon Network.  I do not recall the original Jonny Quest Saturday morning cartoon series (ABC 1964-65) so cannot compare the new Jonny Quest to the original. Jonny Quest The Read Adventures Season One Volume One is a 2 DVD 13 episode box set.

Everything's Cool clip     No Signal Clip     Quest Compound clip

There is a little bit of everything in the 13 episodes of the Jonny Quest The Real Adventures DVD set. The first episode, The Darkest Fathoms, is your basic Scooby Doo fake pirate ship run by real criminals story.  Episode 2 Escape to Questworld is about a mad scientist whose revenge nerve gas is released some thirty years later. This show is excellent with lots of original twists and turns, including one involving computer animation. I especially liked it when the mad scientist says, “I’ve seen the story on the news. They even interrupted Scooby Doo and it was one I had not even seen yet.”

National Security clip     Ozone Layer clip     Rage clip

What puts the Jonny Quest The Real Adventures DVD set above the cartoon norm is the variety of locales the adventures are set it. Also, while many cartoons are formulaic there is a mix of genres here that make the thirteen Season One Volume One episodes that much more interesting. There are jungle / archeological expeditions, African safaris, adventures aboard the space shuttle and the space station (though I fail to understand the Questworld ending on that one), and adventures in virtual reality including one that begins very much like Tron.

Terror of Darkness clip     Merlin clip     Old Woman clip

The only thing that does not change is the baddie always looks evil and usually has a deformity or is “facially challenged”. Makes you wonder where the PC nutjobs are.

Animation and picture quality wise, Jonny Quest The Real Adventures does have its occasional visually interesting moment. This is visible in the Questworld moments and a few occasional shots like in the African Safari episode.

Jonny Quest The Real Adventures Season One Volume One DVD set is a lot of fun.

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