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Mainstream - CHiPs The Complete Second Season

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Chips The Complete Second Season
Erik Estrada, Larry Wilcox, Brianne Leary
4 DVD 22 Episodes
Originally aired 1978-79
Warner Home Video

Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Erik Estrada) and Jon Baker (Larry Wilcox) star in the cool seventies TV series CHiPs or California Highway Patrol. The Chips The Complete Second Season DVD box set consists of four discs and 22 episodes. I must admit that these two patrol officers in tight pants and sexy uniforms simply have that timeless sex appeal even if the crazy hair and disco era style are not timeless.  Pretty decent stunts make up for the inexistent special effects.

Car bombings and explosions like the ones we see in today’s series are not to be expected even if this is what I remembered in CHiPs. I guess the stunts were awesome back then! It was nice to watch and realize how influential television has become towards the viewers’ expectations. CHiPs is nonetheless still a great show with the camaraderie that still works with today’s audiences.

I confess I was prepared to be disappointed. I was warned by many that the memories I had of the series would soon hit reality. I thought it would undoubtedly not be up to my expectations. Therefore I tried not to anticipate anything my crazy memory had kept in file. After viewing the CHiPs DVDs I admit I laughed all the way through second season. Why would people warn me that I should expect to be disappointed? Was it overrated back then hence the justification for expected disappointment? I guess it simply allowed me not to have expectations of adventurous and thrilling crime scenes. Looking back, I appreciate the warning for my expectations were low, had they not been I might’ve been disappointed, but I was not.

I loved watching CHiPs The Complete Second Season. Stupid jokes and awkward situations which made me go hmm were soon followed by laughter given the humour is not very current. The laughter was motivated by the thought that this was exactly what audiences needed and craved for back then. I guess the last 30 years had a huge impact on us.

In other words, humour and charisma, less tire burning and chasing around like the Dukes of Hazard, cool bikes, ridiculous situations (like the switch of driver’s seat making it impossible for the two twits to let go of the gas pedal) made every minute fun to watch for it was too absurd.

Chasing after pretty girls and solving crimes, how much more American can it get? Minus the extravagance we find in today’s television I really enjoyed CHiPs The Complete Second Season

Tina Turcotte

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