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Action - James Bond - Never Say Never Again

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Never Say Never Again - Collector's Edition
Sean Connery, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Max Von Sydow
Kim Basinger, Barbara Carrera, Rowan Atkinson
Directed by Irvin Kershner
Originally released 1983
Fox Home Video 2009
134 minutes

The irony of Sean Connery’s James Bond return being titled Never Say Never Again was lost on no one. This James Bond movie is basically another version of Thunderball without the Broccoli imprimatur. The 2009 Never Say Never Again DVD includes a commentary track with director Irvin Kershner and a Bond historian, featurettes titled Sean Is Back and Girls of Never Say Never Again. The best special feature on this DVD is The Big Gamble, an interesting history of the making of the movie that is more honest than most.

In Never Say Never Again M has deactivated the 00’s but when Spectre (Max Von Sydow in a cameo) and its main agent, Klaus Maria Brandauer, steal two nuclear warheads and threaten the world’s oil fields, James Bond is back in business. Eye candy is Kim Basinger as the young innocent in love with the bad guy and Barbara Carrera as the bad girl.

Before that there is a fun bit about Bond (Sean Connery) going to a health spa and having the usual double entendre banter with some of the staff. He also gets to fight your basic Bond henchman of Herculean strength. In many ways, the first thirty minutes of this Bond DVD are the best and most interesting. The rest is just another sort of action movie with the Bond name attached to it. Never Say Never Again is somewhat better dialogue wise than many recent movies in the series.

The Big Gamble featurette explains why this is not the best Bond film ever and why it is kind of weak plot wise. The director’s commentary is kind of interesting for a change.

Never Say Never Again features the all-time worst Bond theme song ever. Even A View to a Kill is better.

Hard-core Bond fans will be pleased to note this Collector’s Edition DVD does not have the missing scene glitch some discs in the previous version had.

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