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Action - The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 3

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The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 3
Peter Parker, The Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Tombstone
1 DVD 3 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
69 minutes

Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can.  How long it has been since I have had the pleasure to watch my favourite childhood hero.  The Spiderman franchise has come back with a new series destined to a new audience.  The Spectacular Spider-Man is still the same Spiderman, but in a different context than the one I watched growing up in the 80’s.

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The Spectacular Spiderman Volume 3 DVD presents a much younger Peter Parker.  Young Parker is a high school student who has to confront the regular growing pains of a teen by day and world threatening terrorism by night.  His daily adolescent trials (peer pressure, dating, being popular) make him a realistic character that appeals to a younger generation who knows very little of the hero with spider powers.  Although the series seems to be aimed at a teen audience, adults are sure to get plenty for their entertainment value.

The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoons feature a combination of drama, action and comedy.  Young Parker is a witty character who can make battling a villain like Green Goblin (my favourite) a light and almost humoristic event.  The episodes are generally contained but some spill on to the others and ensure a continuity that makes the audience want more.  

Patrick Lacerte

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