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Action - Bond - Quantum of Solace - Daniel Craig

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James Bond Quantum of Solace
Two DVD Special Edition
Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Judi Dench
Directed by Marc Foster
MGM 2009
106 minutes

You pretty much need to have seen Casino Royale to really get Quantum of Solace. I had not and felt I was missing something that would explain James Bond’s actions in this latest (2009) James Bond DVD. Quantum of Solace picks up a few minutes after Casino Royale. Then again, plot wise, Quantum of Solace is not the tightest, clearest movie in the Broccoli EON Films franchise. It had also been a while since my last James Bond movie –I gave up on the Timothy Dalton version-- so I was pleasantly surprised.

In a page out of Reservoir Dogs James Bond begins with Mr. White before moving on to go after Mr. Greene who are both part of a greater, so far unknown Spectre-like secret organization named “Quantum”. Bond may have vengeance in his heart but the viewer is not quite sure who it is he wants to avenge.

This of course involves a car chase, a boat chase, a plane chase, a foot chase. The only thing I do not recall seeing in Quantum of Solace is an underwater chase scene. Somewhere before one of the chases Bond meets Camille (Olga Kurylenko) who is part of Mr. Greene’s organization but has an agenda of her own. Sometime after one of the chase scenes you learn there is a spy inside MI6, M does not know who to trust, the CIA is also compromised, and Bond is 007ing without a licence.

Plot wise, and even if you are familiar with Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace is thin. The “evil plan” is not particularly interesting and kind of muddied. For example if the plot is for substance A why is the body covered in substance B? This is not a story that bears too much question asking.

If you prefer your 007 with more action than story Quantum of Solace DVD will certainly please. It is fun to watch

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Single-Disc DVD Special Features: “Another Way to Die” Music Video Theatrical Trailers

Two-Disc Special Edition DVD Special Features: Includes all of the above single-disc content plus additional bonus features: Bond on Location” 24-minute special feature Start of Shooting On Location Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase Director Marc Forster The Music Crew Files

Blu-ray DVD Special Features: Includes all of the above two-disc special edition content in spectacular hi-definition.

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