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Action - Andy Remic - Spiral

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531 pages
Publisher: Orbit

There are plenty of writers out there of whom you have never heard. They are not great writers and show no danger of becoming great writers. They don’t tell great stories and their characters and plots are not particularly inspired, but they make up the vast bulk of the fiction publishing industry. Andy Remic is just such a writer. Andy Remic may be a new name on the block but he knows how to cobble together an episodic summer read. There are some rough edges to his first SF/Thriller novel Spiral but nothing that would make you want to put down this potboiler.

Spiral is only nominally an SF novel. There are SF elements but this in no way qualifies as a hard SF it is more of an SF of convenience. This allows Remic to play off of current international boundaries but change the types of government and the technology as needed to move the story forward. Spiral takes place in an unidentified but seemingly not too distant future post some unnamed catastrophe. Spiral is a private organization which helps and supports democratic governments with tactical and military support. Spiral is the best of the best, and the best of Spiral is Carter a borderline psychotic with a taste for Lagavulin single malt and cigarettes. When a splinter group within Spiral sets Spiral cells against each other Carter is pulled into the frantic paced remorseless action that spans the European continent, the Middle East and Africa.

This is very much an event driven story. Fans of Matt Helm, Mack Bolan or Remo Williams will enjoy Carter and Spiral. Carter is not as well drawn a character as the aforementioned action heroes but he is defined enough that the reader can make a connection with him. Only one other character in the book, Jam, is as well drawn and in possession of an equally distinct personality. Whether this is because Remic plans on reusing these characters in future novels would be speculation but it is hard to imagine that Carter won’t reappear as a character in future books by this author.

Fans of the action adventure genre will not be disappointed by Spiral it is a light, fast read with quick action. SF fans will be hard pressed to find the science in this fi

Denis Bernicky

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