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Science Fiction - Alien Raiders

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Alien Raiders - The Raw Feed
Carlos Bernard, Matthew St. Patrick, Courtney Ford
Samantha Streets, Derek Basco
Directed by Ben Rock
Warner Home Video 2009
85 minutes

Whether you admit it or not the cover on a DVD or the poster for a movie can have a definite effect on how you perceive the production before you see it. If that weren’t the case so much money wouldn’t be spent on creating posters and covers. There is a certain level of healthy skepticism on behalf of the viewer when faced with most cinematic advertising  so when we see a cover mostly in black, green and white with the word alien on it, and it isn’t part of the Aliens franchise, we are naturally skeptical as to the probable quality of the movie.

Alien Raiders Deep Breath clip    Infected clip     Place is Crawling clip

Alien Raiders Robbery    Alien Raiders See You Later clip

Alien Raiders You Guys   Getting Ugly

The DVD box for Alien Raiders meets all the criteria for a potential viewer to pass it over as not worth their time. SF fans will give it a pass because it looks like a rip off of Aliens and horror fans will give it a pass because it looks like a dozens of other SF covers. Both groups will be missing a very high quality B level movie.

There is no mistaking Alien Raiders for a top tier production. The lighting is deliberately obfuscating to help with the special effects. The direction is a little rushed as are some of the performances giving the impression at times that some scenes were done in one take. Surprisingly none of that matters in the long run because this is a good, tight and well written story with a decent script and some very good performances.

Alien Raiders is supported by strong performances by Matthew St. Patrick as Sheriff Seth Steadman and Carlos Bernard as Aaron Ridder with equally impressive performances by Jeffery Licon and Courtney Ford. Written by Angel and Dresden Files alum David Simkins. Alien Raiders jumps right into a fast paced scenario where a group of gun toting masked men and women enter a supermarket guns blazing.

From there it doesn’t take too long for us to realize that this is no ordinary robbery. What follows is a fast paced and engaging bit of storytelling that bridges the SF and horror genres in a way that has been done before but is still fresh in this telling.

Alien Raiders is definitely worth your time.

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Denis Bernicky

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