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Mainstream - Diamonds part 2 - CBC 04/12/09 9 P.M.

Diamonds part 2 - CBC 04/12/09 9 P.M.
James Purefoy, Judy Davis, Derek Jacoby
Joanne Kelly, Louise Rose, Stephen McHattie
Canada-UK-South Africa Co-production
Part 2 April 12th 2009 9 P.M.
CBC Television

The second part of the CBC miniseries Diamonds airs April 12th 2009 at 9 P.M. All the numerous characters and plotlines having been established, the last part of this series is easier to watch and more interesting. This is not to say that previous reservations about Diamonds such as too many characters and plotlines do not stand.

Do not continue reading if you have not seen part 1.

In the second half of Diamonds, Senator Cameron’s fact finding mission gives her the answer she wanted but creates other problems for her as the U.S. may not be squeaky clean in this business. Meanwhile Lucas Denmont, the baddie, has taken over his father’s company and is playing footsies with Denmont model Luna Koroma whose family just happens to be from Sierra Leone, Denmont’s illicit diamonds central. Two young boys are on the run in the war torn country.

Oh, yeah, in the obligatory Canadian content part of Diamonds geologist Stephanie Dresser is still trying to play her hunch as to where the motherlode is and battling stereotypical Lou as to its location and who is made of the right stuff. Most frustrating is you could remove all of the Canadian content from this CBC miniseries without doing the series any harm whatsoever.

The pacing here is somewhat tighter than in part 1  but there are still a lot of extraneous scenes. For example, the scene where villagers are testifying about the illicit diamond trade is only there to set up a meeting between the Senator and the President of the Congo.

Diamonds is an almost good miniseries that suffers from the compulsory content its multinational funding imposed on it. If it was supposed to make some kind of point or raise awareness, it does not accomplish that.

This series airs April 5th and 12th 2009 at 9 P.M. on the CBC.

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