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Action - The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 2

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The Spectaclar Spider-Man Volume 2
Peter Parker, Shocker, Sandman, Rhino
3 Episodes 1 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
69 minutes

The Spider-Man movie franchise has increased interest in Marvel Comics’ flagship character, and those looking to further explore the wall-crawler’s universe will be pleased to discover a truly exciting cartoon collection. The Spectacular Spider-Man DVD Volume 2 features 3 animated Spider-man adventures.

Included are “Market Forces” starring the Shocker, “Competition” with a menacing “Sandman” and finally, “The Invisible Hand” with a classic take on the Rhino.  Also seen in the episodes are ultimate villain the Green Goblin in an ominous behind-the-scenes role, Dr. Octopus, Hammerhead and more. There are villains galore on the Volume 2 DVD of he Spectacular Spider-man

The Spectacular Spider-man Volume 3 review

The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 3 review

The formula to a successful Spider-Man cartoon and story is usually quite simple—some bad luck in the life of Peter Parker (usually with his being Spider-Man interfering with his attempt at a normal life), tender moments with Aunt May, love problems with Gwen Stacy and/or Mary Jane Parker and, of course, lots of action and excitement as Spider-Man.  The challenge lies in  pacing the various elements, which this series does perfectly.  Also, there is a sense of a greater story developing, which shows promise for the DVD collections to come.

The animation is simple but fluid and influenced by manga in its design with its angular faces and big eyes.  The backgrounds are a far cry from the 1967 original series… no more funky purple green and purple backdrops!  

While clearly designed for the under-12 market, the storylines are engaging enough for the adult Spider-Man fan.  This collection is a solid addition to any superhero library, as long as you are not looking for extras (because there are none!).   

Jonathan Bishop

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