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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Stuart Little - Going for the Gold

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Stuart Little - Going for the Gold
Stuart Little, Snowbell, Stuart, George
1 DVD 4 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

Finally, a cartoon geared toward young boys that doesn’t have explosions, superheroes, police, or aliens!  Stuart Little Going for the Gold is the cartoon series based on E.B. White’s classic book.  It features Stuart, a talking mouse that has been adopted into a human family.  This family DVD has four episodes, each one dealing with a different theme.

The four episodes in this DVD are He Said, He Said – showing kids that there are always at least two sides to every story; Little Big Record – focussing on the value of determination and persistence; No Job is Too Little – helping kids see the satisfaction of doing things on their own; and Adventures in Housekeeping – a humorous look at just how much work there is involved in housework.

This is a great DVD for all kids, and especially for boys.  I find that there are an abundance of girl based DVDs showing the value of independence, persistence, helpfulness – but this DVD has male lead characters that solve problems and settle differences in their own way.  What a great thing for little boys to see, without dangerous situations, explosions, or super hero rescues; yet there is a decidedly male angle to the stories – car races and breaking world records for example, and so there is some action in the stories too.

There are some really funny moments here, with Snowbell the cat keeping the slapstick humour up and running in each episode. The relationship between brothers Stuart and George is nice to see, as they get along well – most of the time – and really help each other out.  Hugh Laurie continues his stint as the voice of Mr. Little, which is a nice addition.  One thing missing – no special features…my kids always love checking these out, and alas, there were none on this disc.

All of my kids (both boys and girls) liked this DVD, and so did I.  It has solid stories, and good lessons – things to keep both kids and parents happy.

Carolyn Genge

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