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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Stuart Little - A Little Family Fun

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Stuart Little - A Little Family Fun
Stuart Little, Snowbell, George, Stuart
1 DVD 3 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

The DVD Stuart Little – A Little Family Fun, which is based on E.B. White’s book of a talking mouse who is adopted by a human family, has a total of three episodes.  A Little Too Fast is about a trip to the county fair; A Little Vacation is about a trip to a creepy country inn to meet family; and A Little Bit Country is about the family’s weekend adventures on a farm.

The three stories contained on this family DVD are fun and have some lessons involved with them.  When Stuart and his brother George try to pack as may activities as they can into one day, they learn that quantity is not as good a s quality, and you should stop to smell the roses.  The spooky vacation trip to a country inn is full of laughs and fun – and shows that you can’t believe everything you see or hear.  Finally, the family vacation to a farm has Stuart learning that he can count on his family for all kinds of help.

Stuart Little A Little Family Fun is a fun DVD for all kids, but especially for young boys. There are lots of good messages found in here, about family, trust, and independence, and all the while there is not one explosion, car chase, or super hero.  That’s not to say that there aren’t some thrills…each episode has some ‘edge of your seat’ action.  

I am one for having my kids watch programs that show good values, and this DVD definitely delivers.  All four of my children really liked this disc (as did I), and they really liked the extra thrill they got from the scarier episode (but do not fear – my four-year-old gave it his thumbs up for not being TOO scary!).  This is a great series and a great DVD.

Carolyn Genge

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