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Mainstream - Boston Legal - Season Five

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Boston Legal - Season Five
David Spader, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, John Laroquette
Originally aired ABC 2008
Fox Home Entertainment 2009

Boston Legal is an odd and very successful combination of legal drama and comedy. There has been nothing quite like it on TV. The Boston Legal Season 5 DVD set marks the final season of this show. The 12 episodes on 4 DVD are a must for fans of the show. Just watching the interaction between David Spader and William Shatner as well as John Laroquette, Candice Bergen, and the supporting cast makes this set worth it.

Season 5 of Boston Legal presents some interesting legal issues to entertain and stimulate the viewer. Just the first two episodes alone tackle the legal age of voting, how big pharma has become as evil as big tobacco, privately run prisons, and sex surrogates. That is just DVD 1.

Boston Legal 5 DVD two has the firm of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt going up against army medical malpractice and the blanket protection army doctors have, the identity of sperm donors after two teens start dating, and abortion. Crane (Shatner) and Shore (Spader) spend some time at a dude ranch and encounter another fun lawyer played by Christopher Rich (The George Carlin Show). This is not a particularly good show but it has its moments. Look for Betty White and Valerie Bertinelli as defendants and a shootout between old pals in other episodes.

DVD 3 of this TV legal drama starts off with the question can you kill someone already being executed. The firm also sues the networks because there’s nothing good on TV –now that is irony! Denny’s Alzheimer’s gets worse and he wackier. Special features on this Boston Legal Season 5 disc is Denny’s Daughter, footage of a story that was cut out from an episode.

The last DVD in this box set has the two episode series finale. Like many such shows, there is a wedding, a loss or two, a few surprise events. Not a bad kick off, not great. Special features are Closing Statement: The Boston Legal Series Finale and 12 deleted scenes from Season Five.

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