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Documentary - American Savannah - CBC The Nature of Things 06/13/2009

American Savannah - CBC The Nature of Things 06/13/2009
American Savannah
The Nature of Things with David Suzuki
CBC Television
Saturday June 13th 2009 7 P.M.

If, like me, your lawn is a collection of green stuff that is not grass you will want to record American Savannah and show this CBC Nature of Things documentary to all those who make disparaging remarks. It turns out your natural spread is okay and the golf course quality spread your pals slave towards while you enjoy your weed is evil.

The Nature of Things can be sledge hammer didactic but this is not the case for American Savannah. The show opens with a 21-Sprinkler salute to the perfect lawn and a few statistics. It follows that with author Virginia Scott Jenkins, a nice lady who informs you as to the origins of the American obsession for the perfect lawn: it is part of Manifest Destiny. Scott Jenkins knows her lawn history and she has a talent for a good phrase so her commentary is quite interesting.

Baseball fans will appreciate the American Savannah segment featuring David Mellor, the groundskeeper for Fenway Park. You even get to see some of the patterns he has mowed at Fenway.

The Savannah section itself is a bit much with some crunchy granola Freudian shrink linking lawn to the mother’s womb. She does make the revealing comment that a patch of grass is where people build their ego.

This David Suzuki show likes to frighten the viewer with tales of doom that make a Terminator future sound like a better option. American Savannah is no exception with the segment on pesticides complete with cute babies frolicking on the lawn.

Guys will want to skip to the next and too short section on lawnmower racing and monster mowers. The search for the perfect seed is also interesting. Other segments include lawns in Las Vegas, and a sod i.e. grass in a roll farmer and his business.

American Savannah airs as part of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki Saturday June 13th 2009 at 7 P.M.

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