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Mainstream - Jesse Stone - Thin Ice

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Thin Ice - A Jesse Stone Mystery
Tom Selleck, Kathy Baker, William Devane, Camryn Manheim
Directed by Robert Harmon
Made For TV 2009
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
88 minutes

Thin Ice is the fifth Jesse Stone DVD. This series of made for TV adaptations of the Robert B. Parker mystery series features superb acting, great stories that are faithful to the novels, and cinematography that makes the series far superior to some high budget movies. Tom Selleck embodies Jesse Stone, the continuing supporting cast is solid, and the characters evolve as the series progresses. This Ice is

If you like a good mystery with minimal gunplay, here there is some at the beginning of the movie, Jesse Stone Thin Ice will most certainly please even a difficult whodunit fan. Here, Stone faces the wrath of the Paradise Island city council for not quite playing ball, tries to solve the attempted murder of a good friend and state homicide detective, and decides to look into a seven-year-old missing kid case.

Parker’s Jesse Stone series is not one of those too clever by half mysteries. Here, good police work and a bit of intelligence go a long way. Much like Spenser, another Parker detective series, Stone is not above provoking a few events to flush out the guilty parties and give them their just reward.

Tom Selleck is excellent as an aging, somewhat washed-out, cop who is trying to put his life together while remaining true to his principles. His subdued performance that at the same time hints as the strength of the character does a lot to make this DVD successful. That the secondary characters like Rose and Suitcase are allowed to grow only adds to the pleasure in watching this made for TV mystery series.

The cinematography in the Jesse Stone series is sometimes breathtaking and the haunting musical score just add to the delight of watching this series.

Thin Ice is a very good story with a few ironic moments such as the discussion between Stone and the Internal Affairs cop investigating a shooting Stone was involved in. You do not have to be familiar with Robert B. Parker’s novels or the previous Jesse Stone DVD to enjoy this one and enjoy it you will.

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