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Mainstream - Spring Breakdown Blu-ray

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Spring Breakdown Blu-ray
Amy Poehler, Parker Posey, Rachel Dratch
Directed by Ryan Shiraki
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
84 minutes

Spring Breakdown Blu-ray is one of those so-so comedies you do not mind watching but is no great loss if you do not. Conspiracy theory # 1435 –A-25: Warner Brothers insisted this comedy get an R rating just to make it more tempting at Blockbuster. There is little here that a PG 13 rating would not have been appropriate for. Spring Breakdown stars Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch of Saturday Night Dead and continues the tradition of SNL comics not having much of a movie career. Parker Posey of so many indie films it’s ridiculous is the lead character and more or less wasted.

Spring Breakdown South Padre clip

This Blu-ray comedy is the story of three high school girlfriends, Gayle, Becky, and Judi. They are now late thirty-somethings, single, and as nerdish as ever. Becky (Parker Posey) is office mouse for a senator who suddenly gets a crack at the vice-presidency. To make sure all goes well and Fux News doesn’t get anything on her, the senator asks Becky to chaperone her daughter during spring break. Becky and her friends see this as an opportunity to have the spring break they never had.

Spring Breakdown Accounting clip

This basically sets up a bunch of semi-comic scenes where Gayle and Judi go wild and make up for lost time while Becky, as reserved as ever, chaperones a kid (Amber Tamblyn) who is as nerdish as Becky was and is. The rest of this comedy is fairly predictable.

Spring Breakdown Yearly Trip clip

Spring Breakdown is hit and miss. The scenes that try to be raunchy do not manage to be and you really have to suspend disbelief to believe the three thirty-something gals can pass for graduate students. This is not quite a brainless comedy so it does not insult the viewer’s intelligence too much

Special features on Spring Breakdown Blu-ray include commentary track, deleted scenes, a gag real and BD Live.

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