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Mainstream - BBC - Mistresses Volume One

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Mistresses - Volume One
Sarah Parrish, Sharon Small, Orla Brady, Shelley Conn
4 DVD 12 Episodes
Originally aired BBC 2008 and 2009
Warner Home Video 2009

The Volume One Mistresses DVD set features series one and two of this BBC drama. Comparisons of this chick TV show to Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives are plentiful but they should only be made to hint at what this show is. This being a BBC production, the show is original, interesting, well-made, well-acted, and in this case most certainly for the estrogen crowd. Mistresses Volume One features 12 episodes aka seasons 1 and 2 on 4 DVD.

Mistresses Don't Feel Like It clip    Dr. Katie Rowland clip

Mistresses Five clip   Go For Coffee Clip

Mistresses is the story of round-heeled Jessica (Shelley Conn), 9/11 widow Trudi (Sharon Small), doctor Katie (Sarah Parrish), and married woman who desperately wants a baby Siobhan (Orla Brady). The friends get together once in a while for some girl time and between these evenings the audience follows them as they try to put their love lives together.

Mistresses Guilty clip    Hate Weddings clip

Mistresses Jess and Siobhan clip   Never Forgive You clip

Plot wise, this BBC drama is as convoluted as its American counterparts. The doctor was shagging one of her patients, he became terminally ill, and now she is shagging his son. Jessica, the event planner, has an affair with one of the two women whose wedding she is planning. The married woman trying to have a baby gets knocked up but is not sure whose it is. The widow finally meets a guy the same day she gets the 9/11 insurance cheque. That’s just for starters.

Mistresses Perfectly Satisfied Individual clip

Mistresses Strong and Healthy clip   Trudi clip

Unlike their American TV drama counterparts, the women in Mistresses are believable, strong, and intelligent characters with a lifestyle commensurate to their earning abilities and not some Hollywood set designer / American dream life cliché.

Mistresses Windfall clip   Guilty clip

If you are looking for some smart chick TV relationship drama, Mistresses should be your cup of tea.

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