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Action - 12 Rounds

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Twelve Rounds
David Frye, Kim Collins, Aidan Gillen
Directed by Renny Harlin
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
108 minutes

12 Rounds is a movie about revenge, about challenges, but most of all, it’s all about pure action. You won’t find a very complex storyline on this DVD. What you will get is a ton of action, fast moving vehicles and the crashes and the mayhem that follow.

At the beginning of the movie, Policeman Danny Fisher (WWE’s John Cena) is pursuing an Irish arms dealer and his girlfriend in their getaway car. When the car fails, the two decide to split up and try to get away on foot. Unfortunately, the girlfriend turn a corner a bit too quickly and she gets run over by a truck. A this point the irish man, Miles Jackson (played by Aidan Gillen), tells Danny Fisher that he will remember him for that.

A year later, Danny is now a detective for the New Orleans Police Department. One morning he receives a disturbing phone call from Jackson who has just broken out of prison. As a revenge against the new detective, he says he will take the life of his girlfriend Molly (Ashley Scott) if he doesn’t play along his little game, which consists in twelve separate challenges. Of course, this is where the action starts, and we get plenty of it for the rest of the movie’s duration.

The movie story was probably mostly thought out by the stunt coordinators. There are a lot of stunts in this movie. The story sort of develops a little more towards the end, but frankly, the only reason people watch these kinds of movies if for the thrills. If your looking for a fast paced action film, Twelve Rounds – Extreme Cut could be for you. My only quibble about it is that the supporting actors do a more convincing job in their acting than the main character.

Vincent Lemire

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