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Foreign Film - Belgium - Eldorado

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Bouli Lanners, Fabrice Adde
Directed by Bouli Lanners
French with English subtitles (optional)
Belgium 2008
Film Movement 2009
80 minutes

Eldorado is one of those rare art films that actually feels like a real movie. This Belgian foreign film DVD is a road / buddy movie of a definitely offbeat kind. It is moody and visually and musically interesting. Its humor is as subtle as its character development. In other words the kind of foreign film Film Movement seems to specialize in.

Yvan (Lanners) catches small-time crook Elie robbing his place. Ensues a comic Mexican stand-off in a Belgian movie. Yvan eventually lets Elie go and even drives him to the crossroads to he can hitchhike home. The next time their paths cross Elie is still waiting for a ride so Yvan decides to drive Elie cross country to his parents.

This is pretty much what happens in Eldorado. The rest is character development in a series of darkly comic scenes. They come across a car collector who collects dented cars. Each comes with the documentation that certifies the car hit and killed someone. They come across Alain Delon (the naturist, not the French movie star). Other things happen.

It is difficult to say what this foreign film is about as it is not about anything at all. It is just the story of this guy who takes this other guy on a road trip. It is both a banal and interesting event.

Film Movement’s foreign film DVDs all come with a short film as a bonus. Icebergs is a Swiss black and white French language short by Germinal Roaux. The Swiss/French argot is brilliantly translated. Two teenaged girls follow a dude when one of the friends’ cell phone goes missing. Icebergs is a perfect cinematic match for Eldorado.

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