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Mainstream - Garfield Pet Force

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Garfield's Pet Force
Garfield Cat, Odie Dog, Jon Arbuckle
Cartoon DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
72 minutes

Garfield’s Pet Force is an unsatisfying cartoon DVD. I am not even sure kids will find it particularly enjoyable. This action cartoon tries to be an anime for the very young but fails. The imaginative but low budget CGI animation is not helped by a story that does not quite engage the viewer. Garfield Pet Force is a second choice on a rainy day kind of DVD. That this cartoon also features the annoying Nermal is no help.

Garfield And Friends - A Cat and His Nerd

Garfield lives in a rather surreal candyland style animated world where he is the star of a comic strip. There is a parallel universe where he is Garzooka, a superhero leader of the Pet Force. When Garzooka’s assistants get transmogrified by Vetvix, an evil woman on planet Dorkon, he crosses dimensions and from comic book to Garfield’s cartoon DVD world where he tries to recruit everyone to help him fight the evil Vetvix.

Garfield's Fun Fest  

The story tends to ramble on halfheartedly in search of something to happen next. It is hard to really feel anything for Vetvix, the evil antagonist in Garfield’s Pet Force whose only real talent is to laugh maniacally. There are also few funny moments in this cartoon that relies too much on the one joke transmogrifier gun for gags; the results are funny but once you’ve seen a few, you’ve seen them all The cartoon even tries a fart joke to get a laugh.

Garfield’s Pet Force is a pretty cartoon and the final scene visually interesting but overall it isn’t memorable in the least. I doubt even its young audience will stick with it.

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